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All things are for the best of those who love God!
by Ferenc Sarkany

It was a cold, late autumn evening, when the bus left Miskolc for Vienna. My more experienced travel mates also brought a pillow for themselves so as to make the night travelling more comfortable. Some of us were smiling at them. But we were not right. After the tiring travel, Vienna waited for us with a warm rain. I was particularly tired by the climate change because I had just gone through a heart attack a few months before. There was an elderly lady among the passengers whoes appearance became antipathetic to me because of her self-importance knowing everything better than others. I decided that I would try to stay far away from her during the sight-seeing. In spite of this, anywhere we went, I experienced that she was walking directly beside or behind me.
This thing already started to set my nerves on edge, when without any antecedents, I came to my senses finding that I was lying on the floor in a shop, and some people were trying to give me some water to drink. I was surrounded by fearsome eyes, and somebody was trying to tranquillize me saying they had already asked for medical help. Some minutes later, an ambulance car was rushing with me screaming blue murder, - as I got to know later on, - to the best clinic in Vienna.

Slowly I regained my conscience. The first thing I did was that I thanked God for being able to think clearly. The next thing that came to my mind was that my family were waiting for me home in vain, and I was not able to inform them. The other thing that made me troubled was that I could not see my bag in which I had my personal things and money. I confess that I saw my situation desperate. Then I did not think that God was going to lead me through wonderful things because He wanted to teach me.

Do not judge upon appearance!

This was the first thing He wanted to teach me. In the clinic when I was brought to the first examination, I caught the sight of that lady I had been trying to avoid that morning. As I got to know later on, she was the only one who was willing to drop behind the group and undertook the uncertain, and she accompanied me with the ambulance. Now she was holding my bag keeping it close to herself, and was waiting for being able to bring some news to my loved ones about me. Ashamed, I asked for my Lord's pardon for having formed an opinion about a person upon an external appearance and for that I had been worrying about my values.

He/She is God's servant, for your benefit!

It was already late evening, when after the examinations that had extended to everything, the ills' carrier brought me to the Cardiology department. Unfortunately I do not speak German, so I was worrying how I would be able to make me understood with the doctor. I was struggling with this thought when in front of the doctor's room, a nurse came to me, and spoke to me in Hungarian. She briefly said that the department had been informed about getting a new Hungarian patient, she had already prepared my bed in the intensive section, the doctor was coming immediately and they were going to register me. I am not ashamed of it, but tears appeared in my eyes, since the answer came so quickly to my request that I had told silently. She must have noticed it, because until the doctor arrived she briefly told me that she had been living in our country and worked in Balatonfüred at the Heart Hospital, and five years ago she got to know a doctor from Vienna at the Cardiology Congress held there. He is her husband today.

Some minutes later, I was already lying in the bed prepared for me in the monitoring room, where the doctor said during the examination - with the interpretation of the Hungarian nurse - that I was walking in the "death valley" more times during the day, but at the moment the state of my heart could be considered stable. They supplied me with everything needed in a hospital. In Hungary I have been in more Cardiology departments, but the level of the care and attendance they were giving here were far better than the home circumstances. I told the nurse that I lived in Miskolc, I informed her who my specialist doctor was, - and I got to know that they knew each other personally. I said that an hour later my family was waiting for me at home, because they do not know what had happened to me. She asked for my family's phone number and rushed away.

I silently thanked God for His care for everything. In the evening semidarkness I was having a rest with my eyes closed, when the nurse touched my hand. She silently told me that she had managed to talk to my Hungarian specialist doctor at home, who had given information about my previous treatments. She said she had informed my family about what had happened to me, and she reassured them on that I was already in good hands. Naturally, thanking for her help, I told her that for God's grace I had been in the best hands for a long time, and I was convinced that the time of my life was in the Almighty's hands also now. Then there I thought that by this experience-series the things that God wanted to show me through this heart attack ended. There in the hospital bed in Vienna I did not know that in realty this was only a preliminary taste of a mission, a preparation only for a task that waited for me a few days later.

I am the Lord, your Healer!

I was lying for three days forced to stay immobile. During this time, my good Lord was showing me a lot of things: the others' sufferings, how the doctors were able to give their knowledge - that they have got from God - to the service of the ill people without unselfishness, on what standards they can and have to take care of God's creatures. I am grateful to the Lord that I could see also these. On the fourth day the helicopter arrived at noon that took me to Miskolc by the Hungarian Consulate.

In the afternoon, in the local hospital, - where I had already been taken care earlier, - I was placed in a double room. My room mate was a middle aged patient, a big man with sad face. At the first sight you could see that he was angry with the world. When we introduced ourselves, I got to know that he was the vice-police superintendent in a little town nearby. He said, he had fallen in his own flat, his thigh-bone was broken, and at the home surgery his leg got plastered up all over. Because of his huge weigh and the more kilograms plaster cast, his arms got so swallen by the use of the crutches that the doctors did not know what to do with them for days. He was not able to catch anything. Even the smallest objects fell out of his hands. He felt his arms cripple. He became so sad that he did not want to live any longer, he would kill himself if the doctors did not find some cure. God forewarned me to be silent. I understood that now all comforting words could result in the contrary reaction from him. I prayed voiceless, and being tired after the long travel, I fell asleep.

In the morning, my younger sister Viola visited me, and brought me the most important thing: the Book of Life. We talked for some minutes. During this I saw that my room mate watchfully but silently was listening. After my sister left, I took the Bible, and started to read. I felt he was looking. And I knew what I was doing was a preaching without words. In the silence after lunch, he asked:
- You are a believer, aren't you? Tell me frankly. Am I right?

I got overflown by hot. I understood that time arrived for words. His question and interest empowered me to give a profession of the Living God, of the existing person Who is already the most important for me today. I spoke to him about the experience of the passed days, about that I understood now why God allowed me to get through this road until this hospital room. I spoke about my parents, my nine sisters and brothers, our big family, about the group where I could see the living God's work of grace and healing a lot of times. I told him about my rambling like the prodigal son; about how Jesus Christ was looking for me, and about that He stopped me by my illness as a mean, for what I infinitively give thanks from my heart. I told him how God healed my mother who had had bleeding, and the doctors had given up, but God gave her back to her family. I spoke about that the Heavenly Father listens to the prayers, and helped me up from many sufferings and illnesses victoriously.
While he was listening, I saw some tear drops coming from his eyes, and he was not ashamed of being crying. In silence, - almost not hoping that it would be possible, - he asked if I could see any chance of that the Almighty God have mercy on him too, and if I was willing to pray for him. I was happy to confess that I had never seen a person who was frankly looking for God and He would turn away from him or her. God does not expect anything but only that he should acknowledge that his life had not been right until now, he should repent it sincerely and believe that God had not changed. He also heals today! I silently prayed.

In the morning I woke up hearing some shuffling. He was coming out of the bathroom, in tears but happily he said: - Look! - He already spoke to me just like I was his friend - I managed to have a wash and have a shave by myself first time for weeks. I am grateful to God. If I go home, I will go to the church together with my wife, as many times we can. Until now she had not dared to go because of me, but from now on she is going to for me too. Thanks!

I closed my eyes, so that he could not see my tears of gratitude, and I silently said thank You to my Lord for He had shown His greatness again, and for that even if I was unworthy, but I could be a mean in His hands. Still that morning, after the visit he was placed to the rehabilitation department. I was let to go home at noon, after a detailed examination, as healed, because the previous evening, while I was praying for my friend Janos, the Doctors' Doctor also healed my heart.
The next day I visited my new friend in his hospital room, and as I had promised, I gave him a Bible as a gift, upon which - as I got to know from him some months later, - he has been feeding himself every day.

How wonderful the Lord is in all His acts!
Glory to His Holy Name!


Jesus is my life, strength, peace.
Jesus is my companion, my joy.
I trust in You. You are the Lord.
I do not have any fears any more because You live in me.
I do not have any fears any more because You live in me.

Jesus lives! Halleluja!!!

Translated by Eva Varga

Edit by Rozalia Makai


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